Monday, June 28, 2010

Weaver will release new single and album this Summer

Weaver will release a new single on July 30th 2010. It will be titled "Bokura no eien ~ nando umarekawattemo, te o tsunagitai dake no ai dakara" and will only be available through download. The song is set to be a tie-in for Au’s “LISMO” commercials. The music video has already been filmed and a preview of the video is also out.
Weaver akan merilis single baru pada 30 Juli 2010.  Single ini akan berjudul "Bokura no eien ~ nando umarekawattemo, te o tsunagitai dake no ai dakara" dan hanya akan tersedia melalui download. Lagu ini untuk iklan LISMO-nya Au. Video musik telah difilmkan dan preview video juga keluar.
Their new album will be called "Shinsekai Souzouki" and will be out in two parts, the first half on August 25th and the second in September.
Album baru mereka "Shinsekai Souzouki" akan keluar dalam dua bagian, yang pertama pada 25 Agustus dan yang kedua pada bulan September.
In June Weaver released the song “Hard to Say I Love You~” which was used as the theme song for the spring drama Sunao ni Narenakute starring Eita and Ueno Juri.
Pada bulan Juni Weaver merilis lagu "Hard to Say I Love You ~" yang digunakan sebagai lagu tema untuk drama musim semi Sunao ni Narenakute yang dibintangi Eita dan Ueno Juri.(ada JaeJoong dan Shogo pastinya)

source: japan_now , weavermusic
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