Sunday, June 27, 2010

真红/Crimson (lyric by Yamada Ryosuke)

Kanji Lyric

笑(わら)っ てた.
あの风景(ふうけい) ずっとずっと
続(ぞく)いていくと 信(しん)じてた
き みはもういないのに

LOVE me show me tell me

キ ミの背中(せなか)が 小(ちい)さくなる

LOVE me ?show me? tell me?
逢 (あ)いたくなる
キミの温(ぬく)もりを 感(かん)じたい

LOVE me show me tell me
Romaji Lyric
i tsu mo ki mi ga su gu to na ri de
waratte ta
a no fuu ke i zu tto zu tto
zo ku i te i ku to shi n ji te ta
ko no su too rii
o mo i da su ba ka ri
ka ga ya ki wo ya me na i
ki mi wa mo u i na i no ni

LOVE me show me tell me
bo ku wa ki mi no e ga o
mo ri ta ka tta da ke sa

na ga re te i ku hi to no na mi to
o i tsu ke na i hi bi
mo u hu ri ka e ra na i
ki mi no se na ka ga chi i sa ku na ru

LOVE me ?show me? tell me?
a i ta ku na ru
ki mi no nu ku mo ri wo ka n ji ta i

LOVE me show me tell me
bo ku wa ki mi to mi ra i wo
tsu ku ri da ka tta da ke sa

Credit to 朔 無&凉家风景@baidu
thanx to yamada2yuki @ hey_say

You were always next to me laughing.
I had always believed that picture would last forever and ever.
Every time I think about this story, it won't stop shining.
Even thought you're not here,
LOVE me, show me, tell me.
All I wanted to do was to protect your s・m・i・l・e

The people getting washed away by the waves and the days I can't catch up with.
Your back, which I can't look at again, gets smaller.

Love me? Show me? Tell me?
I want to meet you
I want to feel your warmth

LOVE me, show me, tell me
All I wanted to do was
to build our f・u・t・u・r・e
 credit to sa718ra @ itsu_made_mo

masih belum resmi ya?
jujur aku belum dengar lagunya...
jadi gak sabar menunggu rilis album mereka..

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