Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daesung's Car x Taxi x Motorcyclist accident

Setelah melakukan pemeriksaan di kantor polisi selama 5 jam, akhirnya Daesung bisa pulang.

Kecelakaan yang menimpanya ini pasti membuat syok V.I.P (fans), pihak manajemen, keluarga maupun teman-temannya.

Pada 31 Mei 2011, pukul 1:40 pagi (waktu Korea), di sisi Selatan jembatan Yanghwa Seoul, kecelakaan ini terjadi. Daesung menabrak sebuah taksi yang berhenti untuk menolong pengendara motor yang sebelumnya merupakan korban tabrak lari.
Setelah tabrakan itu, Daesung keluar dari mobil dan menghampiri supir taksi lalu menanyakan keadaannya. Supir taksi dikabarkan tidak cedera. Tetapi pengendara motor tersebut telah dikonfirmasi meninggal.

Menurut YG Entertainment, taksi membelokkan dari 2 jalur sebelum dengan cepat mengerem di jalan menurun, yang menyebabkan kecelakaan.

Sebelumnya ,dilakukan autopsi untuk memastikan apakah pengendara motor meninggal sebelum kecelakaan Daesung atau kematiannya dilibatkan pada Daesung.
Setelah dilakukan autopsi , polisi menyatakan bahwa Daesung bukanlah penyebab kematian pengendara motor. Polisi percaya bahwa pengendara motor meninggal karena tabrak lari sebelum Daesung dan supir taksi tiba di tempat kejadian.

source: Star News , Allkpop , SBS News , bestiz

from Allkpop
Following the reports of Big Bang’s Daesung’s car accident, YG Entertainment officials have followed up with an explanation of what happened at the scene.

On May 31st, officials spoke through Star News and revealed, “Daesung is in great shock and sadness over an accident that he could not avoid. He burst into tears due to his concerns for the injured party.”

At 1:40 AM KST, Daesung had crashed into a taxi that was ahead of him. Fortunately, the taxi driver was not reported to be injured. According to YG Entertainment, the taxi was swerving in and out of the two lanes before quickly braking at a downhill road, which resulted in the accident.

Officials continued, “Immediately after the accident, Daesung got out of the car and headed straight for the taxi driver. After asking how he was, the taxi driver said, ‘That isn’t the problem right now.’ There was a motorcyclist already bleeding in the lane, which led the taxi driver to swerve out into the second lane in order to avoid hitting him, before making an abrupt stop.”

Investigations are currently being held as to whether the motorcyclist was killed by a hit-and-run, and whether Daesung’s car collided with him at all. It has been confirmed, however, that the motorcyclist was pronounced dead. Investigators are currently awaiting autopsy results in order to see whether he was already dead prior to Daesung’s accident, or whether his death was connected to him.

Source: Star News



The Korean media is reporting that as of 6:50AM KST, Daesung has completed five hours of initial investigations with the police, and is making his way home.

The star was described to have worn a black hoodie over his face while leaving the police station with his manager.

Police commented, “Daesung was overwhelmed with the accident today, but he diligently took part in the investigations.”

Source: Star News


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