Thursday, July 15, 2010

“Emporio Ivankov” arrested for indecent exposure

Voice actor, Imamura Norio was arrested on the 12th, because he posted indecent pictures on his blog. He was showing off his whole body tattoo and his “part” was shown in some pictures. The content of his blog was to brag about his tattoo which he started 10 years ago.
Aktor suara, Imamura Norio ditangkap tanggal 12, karena ia posting gambar tidak senonoh di blog-nya. Dia memamerkan seluruh tubuhnya yang ber-tato dan "bagian-nya" yang ditampilkan dalam beberapa gambar. Isi blog-nya adalah untuk menyombongkan tentang tato yang ia mulai 10 tahun yang lalu.

Imamura Norio is known as the voice actor for “ONE PIECE” character, “Emporio Ivankov“.
Norio Imamura dikenal sebagai aktor suara untuk karakter “ONE PIECE”, "Emporio Ivankov".
source : Nikkan sports TokyoHive

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