Thursday, July 15, 2010

SHINee confirms comeback date and teases with group photo

Fans have been disappointed that SM Entertainment hasn’t mentioned much about SHINee’s new comeback date, however fear no more! SM Entertainment has confirmed that the boys will be returning as soon as next week!
Fans telah kecewa bahwa SM Entertainment tidak menyebutkan banyak tentang tanggal SHINee comeback , jangan takut lagi! SM Entertainment telah mengkonfirmasi bahwa SHINee akan kembali secepat mungkin minggu depan!
The agency stated, “Further teasers will be released up to and on the 19th. SHINee is preparing to make their official comeback on the 23rd (Music Bank).”
Agensi tersebut menyatakan, "Lebih lanjut teaser akan dirilis sampai dan pada tanggal 19. SHINee sedang mempersiapkan untuk membuat comeback resmi mereka pada tanggal 23 (Music Bank). "
Minho has been recovering fast from his calf injury with physical therapy, so they’re hoping they can continue with the comeback date of July 23rd if all goes well.
Minho telah pulih dengan cepat dari cedera betis dengan terapi fisik, jadi mereka berharap mereka dapat melanjutkan dengan tanggal comeback pada 23 Juli jika semuanya berjalan dengan baik.
So with their scheduled comeback delayed by a week, the tease continues with the release of a group photo where fans can yet again spazz about their fine looks.
Jadi, jadwal comeback mereka tertunda seminggu, teaser dilanjutkan dengan merilis foto grup dimana para fans dapat lagi spazz tentang penampilan baik mereka.(merasa terjemahan ini hancur banget,ckckkck)
Their new album will consist of 13 songs, and their official website will be updated with a medley highlight of 9 new songs later today. Their album will still be released on the 19th. Stay tuned!
Album baru mereka akan terdiri dari 13 lagu, dan website resmi mereka akan diperbarui dengan sorot medley dari 9 lagu baru nanti. Album mereka masih akan dirilis pada tanggal 19. Nantikan!
source : allkpop

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